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May 05, 2009


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Your Aunt Gene reminds me so much of my favorite aunt; my aunt Nita! Same era and style. Could you tell us a little more about her and her travel through life. If you have any more photos or stories,it would be much apprecated. Women of their style were truly unique at that time. My aunt lives vivid in my memory,she would be 108 today.


I have been looking for the parents of my grandmother. Tonight I am convinced that they are Howard and Lydia Tatro. This story is quite the find! Thanks for sharing!


Josh! That would make us cousins (or something). Who are your parents? Email me at c_romanov@hotmail.com. There are more stories about Lydia in this blog.

Sandra Leigh Coleman (nee farmer)

They are indeed your great grandparents Josh. I have a copy of the picture of Oscar, Lydia and Howard in a book my Aunt Sue put together for me... so Cynthia and I are cousins!!

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