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January 04, 2008


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Welcome to Blogorama, Rama where the road to enlightenment is paved with words - some better assembled than others. It's a pleasure to have you out here raising the bar on content production.

I'm so looking forward to having you back in the Bay Area where you can recycle without fear of reprisal and where you may just have occasion to throw an elbow at an ersatz guru should one cross your path in the future.

Robin Clavreul

Robin Clavreul


who could give me thecontact for Alainnaudé?


an old cellist friend


I find this particular foray quite interesting and do apreciate the skepticism involved. Do continue to go forth on that search that so eloquently opens up the follies of humankind to feel that 'someonelse' will show us the way. Perhaps to a person drunk on whatever but not to one who knows a Norway rat before trying to pet it. DOWTONg

Jack McCue

Alain, for those who read all 6 parts of the beautifully written and dispassionate story of how a would-be guru wrought harm on the lives of many innocent people, was a sociopath -- at very least. The preferred psychiatric term for sociopath is antisocial personality disorder (http://www.dsm5.org/Documents/Personality%20Disorders/DSM-IV%20and%20DSM-5%20Criteria%20for%20the%20Personality%20Disorders%205-1-12.pdf).
It is risky, of course, to make psychiatric disorders from a written description, but sometimes it is straightforward. Even a homeopath could nail this one. Stay away from people like Alain -- the acts of sociopaths are motivated by only their own wants and needs, and they will hurt those who get in their way without regard or regret. For what it is worth, I am an allopath (hate that term) who has not, in Alain's words "killed anyone lately", and am experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

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